c/o Newbury Comics, Inc.
5 Guest St.
Brighton, MA 02135

Consignment Form

Newbury Comics, Inc. Consignment Terms & Conditions

  1. Please read the following terms and conditions and fill in the appropriate information on the “Newbury Comics, Inc. Consignment Terms & Conditions Acknowledgement” form below.
  2. Please print the acknowledgement form, then sign and include the “Acknowledgement” document with your first shipment of product. We must have this signed copy indicating that you have read and that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions contained therein.
  3. You must fill out one complete form for each item you wish to place on consignment.

Newbury Comics accepts the following items for consignment:
new CDs, records (vinyl), DVDs, books, magazines

Newbury Comics Consignment does not accept previously used media. If you are interested in selling previously used CDs or DVDs, please visit one of our store locations for more information.

Newbury Comics currently only accepts consignment products from bands, magazines etc. located (based) in the following states:

In the form below you will be asked to indicate which store locations you would like your consignment product stocked (up to 5 stores).

For More info about our store locations click here.

You will be asked to indicate the pricing for your product. See pricing chart below.

Once you have completed the form below, please send a total of 5 CDs/records/DVDs/books/magazines, along with the signed Consignment Terms & Conditions acknowledgement page to:

c/o Newbury Comics, Inc.
5 Guest St .
Brighton , MA . 02135

All boxes shipped must be addressed “Attention: Consignment”.
All boxes must have a return address (name and address written clearly in the upper left corner of the package).

Please include the signed “Consignment Terms & Conditions” acknowledgement document with your initial shipment.

Newbury Comics can only accept 5 copies of any new consignment title.  If the item demonstrates the ability to sell on a regular basis, we may be open to increasing our stock levels and expanding the title to additional locations.

Consignors are encouraged to email to check stock of merchandise on a regular basis.  Payments can be requested through the Consignment Payment Request Form at the end of the initial 90 day consignment period. It is the responsibility of the consignor to assist Newbury Comics in monitoring their consignment product.  We will not initiate contact regarding stock or make payments for sales without an emailed request by the Consignor.

Consignment terms are 90 days after receipt of merchandise. Consignor must email to request return of merchandise.  After 120 days, unsold merchandise may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of*.  Newbury Comics is not liable for the cost of unsold or disposed merchandise.
*books and magazines are non-returnable

If we pay you:
Our customers will pay:
$.01 - $2.50
$2.51 - $3.80
$3.81 - $4.50
$4.51 - $5.00
$5.01 - $6.25
$6.26 - $6.90
$6.91 - $7.60
$7.61 - $8.40
$8.41 - $9.50
$9.51 - $10.00
$10.01 - $11.00

Copyright Policy

As a Newbury Comics, Inc. consignment vendor:

  • You are entirely responsible for the content you deliver to Newbury Comics.
  • You are specifically responsible for obtaining any and all permissions which may be required by law from third parties.
  • Your delivery of content to us and acceptance of this consignment agreement and shipment receipt includes a representation from you that one, or any combination, of the following is true:
    1. you are the owner of the copyright in the content by transfer and/or purchase from the copyright owner;
    2. you created the content yourself and own the copyright in the content;
    3. you have a direct or implied license from the copyright owner, or an authorized agent, to copy the content;
    4. the contents are in the public domain or have been abandoned to public use or are not copyrightable

Newbury Comics, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw any product from our stores for any reason, including:

  • lack of vendor name and address fully visible on the outside of the product packaging
  • lack of appropriate copyright and/or trademark indicia, lack of proper bar code/UPC number or any other reason whatsoever at the sole discretion of Newbury Comics, Inc. and its' duly appointed and authorized representatives.
By checking this, you are agreeing to Newbury Comics, Inc. consignment terms and conditions and you are accepting full responsibility for clearance and payment of all publishing and royalty obligations.