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Mike Dreese is CEO and co-founder of Newbury Comics.

In 1978 Mike and his M.I.T. roommate John Brusger, opened the original Newbury Comics store on Newbury Street in Boston. With $2000 and a comic book collection, they converted a studio apartment into the second organized comics book shop in the area. A year later a friend brought in his record collection to sell. Mike said, "Why don't I just throw them in the bin here? That's how Newbury Comics began selling music. Newbury quickly became the regions leading record retail specialist during the punk and new wave movement and became known as a place where the punks felt comfortable. By 1982, with a second store open in Harvard Square, the company's revenues were being generated mostly from cutting edge music and rock-related merchandise. With the advent of the CD in the mid 80's Newbury leapt into mainstream music retailing while specializing in independent rock and progressive pop music.

In the early 80's, Mike also founded Boston Rock magazine and co-founded Modern Method Records, an imprint to Boston's emerging punk scene. Mike now serves on the Board of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) as well as Berklee College of Music and is currently a partner in Subversion Media, a Boston based High Definition music video production firm.